Saturday, 9 February 2013

Wisley - Winter Cyclamen show

I plan to visit as show photographer, both of the Wisley Cyclamen Society shows taking place during the early part of the year. Here's a few photographic highlights from the Winter show - the full show report will appear in the Cyclamen Society journal. If you aren't a member, check out the website  for details of how to join and take part in the most amazing seed exchange, you could be growing some of these superb plants?

 The society has some fantastic growers and the best of the exhibits are detailed here.....

A15 first (Brian Mathew award for best Society collection or progeny thereof) Cyclamen coum f albissimum - Martyn Denny

A3 first (Jill Moore trophy for best C. coum in show) Cyclamen coum f album - Ian Robertson

B3 first (Moira Reid Trophy for best C. alpinum in flower) Cyclamen alpinum - Duncan Gates

A4 first Cyclamen coum ex kuznetovii - Steve Walters

B1 first Cyclamen coum - Steve Walters

B2 first Cyclamen coum - Steve Walters

A9 first Cyclamen parviflorum - Ian Robertson

A12 first Cyclamen persicum puniceum - Duncan Gates

A14 first Cyclamen persicum SSP 98347D - J Novis

A6 first Cyclamen persicum cultivar - Duncan Gates

A6 second Cyclamen persicum cultivar - J Novis

A11 first Cyclamen x wellensiekii - Ian Robertson

A11 second Cyclamen x wellensiekii - Ian Robertson

A16 first  Cyclamen hederifolium ssp crassifolium ex CSE 93155 - Pat Nicholls

A5 first Cyclamen graecum ssp candicum - Pat Nicholls

There always some non-Cyclamen plants of interest including these late winter flowering bulbs. All (I think) courtesy of Ian Roberson.....

Colchicum hungaricum

Crocus abantensis

Crocus atticus (a Pelopponese form)

Crocus herbertii

Crocus pelistericus

It's nice on occasions to admire individual flowers rather than a crowded pot!

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