Sunday, 6 May 2012

New England Primula Show

An invitation to my first American Primrose Society show was wonderful experience with 'Sowing Growing Showing - A Primula Triathlon' to be the conference talk. It wasn't all work however.....
In between photographing birds in the gardens of Tower Hill Botanic Gardens and eating rather well, I conjured up a basic studio to photograph a few of the Show plants.....

I like the way, the two premier award winning plants got their own podium!

Primula 'Belarina Butter Yellow' shown by Deborah Wheeler.

And Primula 'Spring Pastel' with its eye-catching two tone flowers

Ever popular for garden or showbench is Primula sieboldii - the white flowered form here with contrasting pink tubes, shown by Mary Molloy.

Primula 'Dawn Ansell' another of Mary's plants.

Three exhibits from Rodney Barker - 'Primula sieboldii alba and P. sieboldii 'Red Rover'

Followed by Primula veris.

A nice red form of Primula veris shown by Judy Sellars.

Primula vulgaris provides a few botanical curiosities. The leaf like green flowers of Primula 'Francesca'.

Or 'hose in hose' flowers....

Flowers don't come more striking than Amy Olmstead's Garnet 'Cowichan' followed by her Primula 'Gold Lace' and Primula farinosa.

Another nice display of 'Gold Lace'

I'll finish with this close up of this best auricula  'Fancy seedling' shown by Judy Sellars

I really enjoyed that - hmm, how about a UK Primula show next year??