Saturday, 4 October 2008

AGS Loughborough Autumn show

The usual fine standard of Autumnal alpine splendour was maintained at Loughborough. Numbers of both exhibitor and exhibits were down somewhat due to clash with a conference north of the border (but there was still plenty to photograph).

The premier award went to Jim McGregor's lovely pan of Crocus kotschyanus - just look at the buds still to come!

This fine Cyclamen graecum ssp anatolicum was also in the hunt for awards - taking the Cyclamen salver.

A spectacular pan of Cyclamen graecum ssp candicum too....

I couldn't resist bring a few more species to your attention, Cyclamen species certainly dominated the show.

Cyclamen mirabile 'Tilebarn Nicholas'

Cyclamen intaminatum

Cyclamen cilicium

Cyclamen cilicium album (best plant in section C)

Cyclamen cyprium flowers normally open pure white - this small exhibit featured a lovely form with flowers opening flushed pink before fading to white (scented nicely too)

Cyclamen hederifolium 'Ruby Glow' - as deep a shade as they come.

A few more bulbs including the diminutive treasure, Cochicum cupanii...

Crocus niveus - seed raised from the Pelopponese

How about this spectacular large pan of Nerine gaboranensis (no, I hadn't heard of it either!) Certificate of merit worthy!!

A closer view at the blooms of Nerine filifolia.

There were of course some pretty fine non-bulbous exhibits including the ever popular genus Petrocosmea:

Pertrocosmea forrestii

Pertrocosmea minor

An Autumn show wouldn't be the same without Gentiana sino ornata

And the lovely red-purple tones of Gentiana scabra var buergeri...

Rapidly becoming an Autumn 'must have', the flowers Empodium flexile have delightful scent too (pineapples??)

A certificate of merit beckoned for this outstanding pan of Liriope muscari....

A closer look at some lovely bulbous plants....

Atop the 18" flowering stem, the flowers of Bessera elegans make an excellent subject.

A stalwart of the Autumn scene, Allium callimischon var haemostictum, small but beautifully marked flowers.

Allium thunbergii album - I just love the anthers....

Finally, a foliage selection:

Aruncus aethusifolius - judged the best plant for Autumn colour, fruit/seed etc...

Who needs flowers when Cyclamen hederifolium has foliage like this? (Apollo type)

A Mammilaria hybrid - always a source of discussion as an 'alpine' exhibit - no denying the quality of the foliage as a photographic subject though....

Saturday, 19 April 2008

AGS Midland Show

A fantastic show with the main award winners covered here plus many more exciting plants.....

The premier award went to an amazing pan of Fabiana foliosa 'Cliftonville Limelight' raised and shown by Martin and Anna Sheader.

Don Peace captured two awards with Primula aureata (best Primula)...

and Androsace yargongensis (Best plant in 19cm pot classes)

No shortage of certificate of Merit plants either, including Androsace cylindrica x hirtella (Don and Heather Hyde)

Hepatica nobilis - 'Picos strain' (John Gennard)

Cypripedium fasciolatum (Carl hardwick)

Plus another unusal plant from the Sheaders - Calceolaria lanigera

Calceolaria uniflora is a plant we are much more accustomed to growing and seeing

Perhaps the latest flowering Corydalis for showbench work - Corydalis wilsonii...

The later flowering Cyclamen species always put on a good display at this particular show....

Cyclamen persicum (nice silver leaf form)

Cyclamen repandum

Cyclamen rhodium

And here's the judges choice of the best plant in B section - Daphne petraea Grandiflora shown by Trevor harding.

A good selection of bulbous plants included:

Fritillaria messanensis

Fritillaria tubiformis

Iris afghanica (clean and virus free!!)

Narcissus 'Solveig's Song'

Scilla monophyllus

A close up featuring the decadent flowers od Sparaxis elegans, elegant indeed!

More close up work including...

Lamium armenum

Onosma alborosea

and Pulsatilla halleri.....

A very nice late flowering Primula selection - Primula 'Coolock Violet' (well I would say that!!)

Lewisia brachycalyx

Sebaea thomasii

Trillium chloropetalum

And finally, an excellent small six pan from John Gennard