Saturday, 18 February 2012

AGS South Wales show

South Wales opened the AGS show season with many fine plants to be seen. The 'show stopper' was undoubtedly this perfect pan of Galanthus plicatus 'Sophie North' which scooped the Galanthus Goblet (best Snowdrop) and Farrer medal for best in show. Nice one Don Peace!

I've singled out one flower here of this stunning clone of Iris unguicularis 'Pelopponnese Snow', courtesy of Robin White.

Another outstanding exhibit from Don Peace and a certificate of merit for Colchicum kesselringii

George Elder's Crocus cvijicii was one of many fine specimens benched by him....

Crocus minimus 'Bavella' shown by Ian Robertson.

A bit of artistic poise from Robert Rolfe's Crocus reticulatus ssp reticulatus, a Serbian clone (AP 27952)

The above two may take some tracking down but No problem of availability where Crocus sieberi 'Tricolor' is concerned

Two views to enjoy the beauty of this pristine Crocus vernus ssp albiflorus.....

No surprise to see a certificate of merit awarded to Dave Richards for this evenly flowered specimen of Cyclamen alpinum forma leucanthum!

Other Cyclamen highlights for me - Cyclamen coum with white pink flushed flowers

Close up to show the 'different' shape and poise  of Cyclamen elegans flowers (Bonb and Rannveig Wallis)

Daphne jezoensis (Robin White)

Recent introductions of seed have ensured we can enjoy the diminutive Dionysia khatamii

Not too many Frits on display but here's a couple headed by Fritillaria karelinii (at least that's what it may be?) - Joy Bishop

Fritillaria uva-vulpis (Bob and Rannveig Wallis)

The green virescent flowers of Galanthus 'Cowhouse Green'

Evenly flowered pan of Galanthus ikariae

Iris 'Lady Beatrix Stanley' is still around, mass produced by the Dutch....

But you may need to search out Narcissus asturiensis (Eric Jarrett)

Search and wait even longer for this as yet unnamed fine cross of Narcissus cyclamineus x N alpestris (Bob and Rannveig Wallis)

Ornithogalum nanum (Ian Robertson)

Ian also had this wonderful Pleione humilis in his six pan exhibit.....

Finally - lots of discussion as to the legitimacy of Rebutia aylostera as a 'foliage exhibit. It certainly has effect!