Saturday, 7 March 2009

AGS Loughborough Show

The cold winter has ensured that plants normally in fine fettle at this time of the year were had even better coverage of flowers - some tricky decisions had to be made by the judges!!

Here's the best in show - a fantastic pan of Dionysia curviflora, grown by Nigel Fuller

Best pan of bulbous plants was Colchicum szovitsii, nice one Diane Clement!

Geoff Rollinson can do no wrong with Saxifraga 'Coolock Gem' - once again winning the Saxifraga group salver

In good company with Saxifraga lilacina grown by Mark Childerhouse, awarded a certificate of Merit

Corydalis is always a dominant genus at Loughborough and these two were my pick of the pots!

Corydalis ledebouriana.

Corydalis seisumsiana.

The later flowering Crocus were in fine form with this panful of Crocus dalamticus

A close up of the intricate markings on Crocus heufellianus 'Carpathian Wonder'

Dionysias by the dozen and the recipient of the 80th Anniversary award was Dionysia afghanica...

Dionysia bryoides earning a Certificate of Merit.....

A couple of classy Fritilaria exhibits, firstly Fritillaria alburyana.

and Fritillaria pinardii....

As the Snowdrops season draws to a close, a large pan of Galanthus virescens:

Claire Oates presented two exceptional exhibits, both being awarded a Certificate of Merit.

Hepatica japonica alba

Narcissus cyclamineus

Primula allionii 'Pinkie' is rarely seen so large and perfectly covered in flowers

Primula bhutanica...

Best plant from the Americas was Scoliopus bigelovii from Bob and Rannveig wallis

Striking foliage interest provided by Anisotome imbricata...

Finally, two striking examples of the in vogue genus - Ypsilandra!

Ypsilandra cavilierei

Ypsilandra thibetica

No stopping me this year, images from Blackpool will follow.....