Monday, 18 February 2013

One or two juno Iris

The Plant Heritage juno Iris collection I hold is a 'little sister' collection to Kew and this winter has been very good for them (hopefully seed will be sprouting like cress soon too!) They are relatively 'late' given the performance in recent years but the temperatures have allowed them to have a typical rather than forced growth cycle! With day temps in low single figures, the flowers are seemingly lasting for ever - that's always good news!!

The garden junos are now peeking above the soil but it is in the pot collection that the main display is starting! The flowers may be lasting but the light is dreadful for photography!

Iris rosenbachina is understandably very popular and quite variable. Here are three fine examples.....

The 'Varzob' clone was the first juno to flower this year, seen here on 4th Feb.

The 'Harangon' clone is widely available and first flower opened fully today.

I don't know whether this next Iris rosenbachiana should have a clonal name - it was meant to be the red purple Tovil dara clone but it's one of the nicest I've grown with lovely rich colours! Never complain!!!!

A touch of the blues from Iris willmottiana, a seed raised example.

More buds peeking through and more images will follow....

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