Saturday, 13 October 2007

AGS Loughborough Autumn Show

The cream of Autumn alpines well represented at Loughborough and just to show rarity is not a prerequisite how about this fantastic specimen of Cyclamen hederifolium var albiflorum grown by Mike and Christine Brown. The rare and sweetly scented Cyclamen colchicum below was another fine plant from the same exhibitors.

In the hunt for major awards were these fine specimens from the Southern hemisphere - Trochocarpa thymifola and the Autumn fruiting Coprosma brunnea x petriei

Celmisias earn their keep by being show worthy all year round and these are two of the best examples - Celmisia semicordata ssp aurigans and Celmisia spedenii. A wait of many years is needed when/if flowers are produced on Lobelia keniensis but in the meantime it makes a fascinating huge rosette!

Crocus banaticus is one of the most rewarding Autumn Crocuses and with those shorter inner tepals almost Iris-like. The clone 'Snowdrift' shown by Robert Rolfe was much admired with a close view of the normal lilac-blue flowers and below seen in close up, a superb two-tone form.

Crocus laevigatus is a diminutive stunner and this white form is as good as they come!

The range of Autumn flowering Snowdrops is now increasing with Galanthus peshmenii becoming widely available. Two clones were on view here, the 'mainland' form with leaves developed at flowering time and the 'island form' seen below.

No sign of easing up on the production front, two Autumn Gentians from the Keith Lever stable: Gentiana 'Silken Giant' and G. 'Silken Night'.

A fine pan of Oxalis purpuraea 'Ken Aslet' = the secret is good light at all times to keep the foliage and flowers from becoming drawn.

Finally, the bright yellow daisies of Heterotheca alpina.