Saturday, 14 February 2009

AGS South Wales Show

Despite the long cold winter conditions holding many plants in check, no less than 200 plants found their way onto the benches at Caerleon, South Wales!

The premier award of a Farrer medal went to an amazing 30cm panful of Iris Kathryn Hodgkin, shown by Cyril Dart....

Eric Jarrett staged an awesome pan of Iris hyrcana, rewarded by a certificate of merit!

The show was very strong on bulbous entries as one would expect - how about this fine pan of Hyacinthoides aristides.....

or a close up of Hyacinthella glabrescens.

Late winter means Snowdrops and their were plenty on display. The Galanthus Goblet was awarded to a pristine pan of Galanthus 'Ketton'.

A close run thing with a fine pan of 'Galanthus Whittington'

The ever popular Galanthus Sophie North.

How about this wonderful seedling from Trym - Galanthus 'Corrin'.

Dionysia afghanica is one of the earliest flowering species and this 'old timer' was awared both a Certificate of Merit and award for the best exhibit in a 19cm pot.

Parent to some stunning hybrid creations, here is the lovely Dionysia 'Judith Bramley'

and Dionysia Zdenek Zvolanek

Daphne jezoensis flowers very early and Robin White was no doubt taking orders for youngsters??

A good showing of Cyclamen including Cyclamen libanoticum

A fantastic 30cm pan of Cyclamen coum

Plus a formidable Cyclamen alpinum!

The following images show the strength in depth of Crocus present, headed by the winner of the Crocus spoon - Crocus biflorus ssp nubigena.

Not every day you see Crocus cvijicii looking so good either!!

The gorgeous flowers of Crocus abantensis.

Crocus veluchensis

An unusual flower form of Crocus reticulatus.

Finally, a close of a wonderful Certificate of Merit worthy Australian orchid, Corybas diemenicus, shown by Richard Manuel.

That's all for now - I plan to bring you pictorial reports from quite a few shows this year - keep looking!!