Monday, 4 February 2013

Ashwood - Hepaticas and Snowdrops

As I was in the general area, a return visit was planned to get a few more images of the early flowering Hepaticas (there will be many more to see later!!)

Some vibrant early H. japonica forms were looking good, this one reminiscent of a certain once popuular Clematis! Well they are all Ranunculaceae :-)

Forms with petalloid stamens give the impression of double flowers....

The violet picotee edge to this one really works!

And how about this for a stunning 'red'

If there was just one form however that tempted me back, it was the fabled 'yellow' forms of Hepatica japonica. There are no plants spare and wont be seed either......  but one day, John will have raised enough stock for seed and plants to be offered, We will all have to wait patiently!!

Never mind the H. japonica doubles, there are one or two European doubles. This is Hepatica nobilis 'Petersens Plena'

You can't beat a good white Hepatica nobilis either and this one is destined for  seed production!

A few freshly emerged blooms of Hepatica transilvanica 'Lilacina' 

Another selection for the future to look out for too! Hepatica yamatutai can have flowers with a purple stained reverse, it really does enhance the appearance!

A few snowdrops were looking at their best. Galanthus 'Little Ben' certainly packs a mighty atom punch!

Another angle of Galanthus plicatus 'Trunps' is probably in many folks 'top ten'? It is well entrenched in mine!

Galanthus 'Fiedgate Prelude' from Colin Mason has striking inner markings

Finally, a wonderful species: Galanthus rizehensis, this robust form originating from Wisley.

I will be back from time to time.....  More Hepaticas to come :-)

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