Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cyclamen hederifolium - who needs flowers!

The display of Cyclamen hederifolium has been tremendous this year and even though the flowers are now going over, the foliage is coming to the peak which will be maintained throughout the Winter and Spring!

By roguing out 'ordinary' leaf forms, the  'specials' are now starting to dominate the scene. Here's a fine pure silver leaf form and some flowers! They are the last you are going to see.....

I had a very successful show plant - 'arrowhead silver leaf' form many years ago and distributed many 1,000's of seeds via Jim Archibald and the exchanges. A pretty good % come true, often with a green flash at the tip.

It looks like the pure silver/pewter influence is now showing amongst some of the seedlings

This old specimen  is one of my favourite forms with comparatively large leaves, quite angular and with green flashes at the points!

Nothing new of course, the C. hederifolium 'Lysander' strain packs a foliage punch with it's angular pointed leaves and sheer variety! Here's some with a lot of silver influence....

Through pale green with equisite markings

To deeper greens and what could be quite dull and ordinary? The serrated edge and intricate markings give these two forms quite a presence!

C. hederifolium crassifolium appears somewhat midway between the type species and C. confusum with thicker foliage - the silveriness here is exceptional

And finally, C. hederifolium 'Fairy Rings' showing the four contrasting zones quite nicely and a pointed leaf as well!

Of course the delights of Cyclamen coum are just around the corner, as this patch of mixed seedlings demonstrates!

And soon it will be Spring (honest).  Here's a lovely (ex wild) silver leaf  form of Cyclamen persicum

 Maybe I'll photograph some flowers next?

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