Sunday, 14 October 2012

Autumn Treasures at Holymoorside

A talk to the Chesterfield AGS group covering the Spring Treasures at Kew, lined up a few Autumn treasures courtesy of Ju Bramley, my host for the day. It was getting a bit late for many of them but there were still quite a few fresh flowers in bloom - and the sun came out now and then!!

Lets start with Crocus cancellatus ssp cancellatus which refused to open properly but looks pretty good from the outside!

The ever popular Crocus goulimyi from the Pelopponese in a nice bicoloured form

 Crocus goulimyi var leucanthus was at it's best, a couple of pots of the 'normal' white form

Crocus goulimyi 'Mani form' quite distinct with sharply pointed petals

Crocus boryi or is it C. laevigatus?

Crocus laevigatus - with smaller flowers this looks spot on?

Crocus mathewii had sadly had it's day, many of them by the look of spent flowers, The white flowers with deep purple throat are utterly gorgeous and seem to grow very well in pots here!

Not so bad from a side view either!

Have I saved the best until last? Crocus robertianus freshly open and a very pale sumptuous flower!

Oxalis massoniana was throwing out a few flowers as it emerged from it's long Summer rest!

Crocus treasures indeed, the garden was slumbering but looking as though it would be spectacular in the Spring.... 

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